Purpose-Building Your Vision

Your Quickest Path to Revenue

Choosing a permanent modular building for your business is the fastest way to get your doors open and start making money. With the potential to shorten construction timelines by up to 60%, permanent modular construction technology makes it possible to simultaneously develop your site while we build your structure from the ground up in our 200,000 sq. ft. facility.
Once complete, your structures are delivered on time and on budget, avoiding the costly delays that often affect traditional construction projects.

Our Modular Construction Methodology

To create incredible environments that are as engaging as they are intriguing, our team focuses on three pillars to maximize efficiency, maintain quality and deliver a customized end product that exceeds your expectations.


Permanent modular construction can streamline the construction processes with increased speed to market.


Built with top-grade material, permanent modular solutions provide reliable durability with minimal waste.


All of our structures go through a modular, third-party, state inspection program so you can be sure our buildings are code compliant with the highest standards.


Conceive a tailored solution to bring your vision to life while ensuring purpose-built functionality for your business.


Build with top-grade materials using streamlined assembly and rigorous quality control for reliable durability that lasts.


Once installed, all structures go through a modular, third-party, state inspection program to establish that buildings are safe and code compliant.

What is Component Construction?

The steel frame is being built using modular construction techniques in an off-site factory.

Welded Steel Frames

A large glass door is being installed in a building using modular construction techniques.

Flooring Systems Installed

An empty room with white walls and a window, built using modular construction.

Interior Walls Built

Two water heaters in a room with modular construction.

HVAC Electrical Plumbing Installed

The modular construction of the interior of a building under construction.

Exterior Finish Applied

A semi truck with a modular construction trailer attached to it.

Easily Transported

A construction crew is utilizing modular construction techniques for the off site construction of a fast food restaurant.

Crane Set

A Take 5 oil station with a sign that says oil change stay in your car, featuring modular construction.

Completed Building

The Modular Construction Advantage

Why deal with the challenges of traditional construction when permanent modular construction:


Dramatically expedites the design and build process


Allows for concurrent completion of site and building work


Offers financial savings through efficient material usage


Reduce design to occupancy timeline up to 40-60%


Minimizes site disruption


Provides significant tax benefits