Project Spotlight: Taco Habitat



The construction of a full-service, multi-story restaurant doesn’t happen overnight. Still, in Branson, Missouri, a vacant lot became a fully developed structure with a speed that likely surprised area residents. Taco Habitat, a new quick-service concept, looked to Boxman Studios to design a fully custom restaurant that could be constructed off-site to expedite the build process without sacrificing a unique architectural look that will help it stand out in its shopping center parcel lot location.


A unit of this magnitude requires precision and expert planning. To maximize efficiencies in the process, the 10 modular units that comprise the 3500 square foot restaurant were created in tandem. Boxman’s indoor construction facility seamlessly moves modules through each construction step, enabling steel frame welding, electrical, interior construction, and painting to take place on different modules within the same day.

Each module was custom built separately to ensure a simple transport to the final site, and careful attention to detail went into the build. Design elements, such as iron lighting, corrugated metal detailing, and wood paneling, work together to create the industrial look that Taco Habitat envisioned for their restaurant.

These details carry into different spaces throughout the building. The stairs feature the same sleek metal look with iron grating. Floor-to-ceiling windows open the space and elevate the feel of the dining room. The second floor, featuring an open-air patio, gives a distinct focal point to the structure, providing a unique architectural element that also creates ample space for patrons.

Design is matched with functionality, especially in the kitchen. State-of-the-art appliances and high-grade materials form the galley. Special attention was put into distinctive features like the tortilla maker that requires additional ventilation. Despite the intricate workings of the structure, electrical and HVAC installations were made during construction off site in North Carolina, prepping the build for a short installation at its final site in Missouri.


The 10 modules were transported to Branson, where the Boxman team worked with the construction crew at the site to seal components together and hook up electrical connections throughout the building. With the use of a crane and diligent work from the team, the restaurant was assembled in only one day. Since the deployment, Boxman Studios has begun construction on a second restaurant at their facility. Both Taco Habitat restaurants are expected to open later this year, bringing its unique architectural look to the shopping center’s offerings, fast casual style to busy consumers, and traditional and modern Mexican menu to satisfy customers’ cravings.