From Our CEO, David Campbell


I’ve written this letter around the holidays for over seven years. The heart of it is an expression of my gratitude while reviewing the past year and exploring possibilities for the next. Oh, and a few shameless plugs, to get the Marketing team off my back. This year has been monumental for Boxman Studios. The organization I’m looking out on today isn’t the same business from past years. So, this time I wanted to do something different and hear what the team thought. How do these people ,who made this amazing year possible, feel looking back on their body of work? Are they proud? Tired? Hungover? Maybe all.

So I asked. (Video Proof)

At first, most fell silent. In those moments I wonder if they’re remembering how difficult it can be. Are they thinking about the times we had to be tough on each other; the times when we let accountability come second to opportunity? Are they thinking about the physical and emotional growing pains we experienced this year? Are they thinking about breakfast? The engineers love breakfast.

I wasn’t totally off base. No person in the room thinks this year was easy. But, when we reflected on our accomplishments, more of the story unfolded. Hearing words like hustle, transformational, growth, persistence, and tenacious, warms my cold, CEO heart.

This team isn’t comprised of people that thought it would be easy. We are a group that relishes in the challenges, because innovation doesn’t happen when we’re comfortable. It happens when talented people come together to solve a problem.  And in the face of some big challenges, they delivered over and over again.

I think Andy said it best, “When we walk in, we never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes it’s high-fives and sometimes it’s oh-(you know what).” I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard one statement that so perfectly summed up Boxman Studios. So, out of respect for our high’s and lows, I want to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to this crazy roller coaster ride. Without the support of this team, our vendors and clients, none of it would be possible.

I am unbelievably grateful for you and so blessed to be a part of this journey.

Happy holidays,

David Campbell

Ps. I told you there had to be a shameless plug. These are just a few examples of our work in 2017. Take a look. They’re pretty freaking cool.


Lambeau Field


Exxon Mobil

Clif Bar

Adidas NMD

Piedmont Plastics