What Custom Design Means for a Modular Build


The popularity of modular construction continues to expand to new markets and disciplines, and in turn, what’s attainable from a design standpoint continues to stretch to new limits. While the traditional corrugated exterior is still a popular option, we’ve reimagined what’s possible with modular construction with a focus on customization and design. 

When planning for a modular build, you may ask: What are the options with this form of construction, and how can my brand take advantage of a purpose-built modular unit? Read on for three of our favorite ways to elevate a modular space through design elements. 

Vinyl Wraps 

Modular units can be fully customized from the design phase or selected from a variety of premade structures. For either option, vinyl wrapping provides a finished look that infuses style into a structure. Designs can be incredibly intricate when it comes to vinyl, allowing your build to be transformed through patterns and graphics. For those looking for a simple and streamlined look, placing a vinyl logo to the building adds a custom touch that brings a brand to life. 


Lighting and Paint Schemes

Color and light make a significant impact in any space, and the same beautiful interior design trends seen in traditional builds are possible in a modular structure. Ambient lighting, including chandeliers, tracks and recessed lighting, are all available in modular spaces and give way to a polished look that creates an inviting atmosphere. 

Using the right hue on the interior or exterior walls is a simple way to customize a space to reflect the look and feel of the brand. Painting allows for a multitude of customization options, whether it’s bringing your space alive through a bright pastel or popping a dramatic punch with an accent wall. 

Surfaces and Textures 

Corrugated metal still serves as a popular option for exterior walls; however, there’s a multitude of materials that can be used throughout the structure to fit your space’s aesthetic plans. Modular structures are built to be transported, so any exterior surface needs to be able to withstand 2,000+ miles on the road on the way to its destination.

Innovations in vinyl siding and aluminum materials have greatly expanded the options for modular structures. Warm wooden elements or modern metal accents can be incorporated into the design through durable materials that will continue to perform through transport and on-site. 

Ready to kick off the designs of your modular build? Our designers are ready to help you create a custom space. Let’s get started!