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TaylorMade Performance Studio


We love a challenge. And we believe that yesterday’s accomplishments serve as stepping-stones for tomorrow’s innovations. That’s why when opportunities to push the boundaries of shipping container architecture come along, we jump at them. The TaylorMade Tuned Performance Studio was one of these opportunities.

The TaylorMade Challenge

The challenge: How do you fit a fully-stocked retail shop, a fully-equipped club-building workshop, state-of-the-art tools, and trained technicians into two 20-foot shipping containers? Not to mention golfers looking to improve their swing and browse through merchandise?

At Boxman Studios, we pride ourselves on creativity and ingenuity, so we put this to work and came up with a solution. TaylorMade ended up with two containers – and the space of three. The solution featured a fold-down wall, and a series of custom doors that locked the containers together creating a third space in the middle. Contained, covered, and climate controlled, it was like having a third container’s worth of space to work with.

A Fully-Branded Experience

We didn’t let that extra space go to waste. The bigger section featured the retail shop, and the smaller container housed the custom club shop where technicians would build clubs perfectly fitted to individual golfers. But there was another challenge: how would all that equipment – tools, technology, mechanical systems – fit and provide enough room for the technicians to comfortably do their jobs?

We created cabinetry specifically for TaylorMade’s needs. Not only did this allow technicians to store their equipment in a compact space with easy access, it allowed us to incorporate important branding elements into the mix.

Our team integrated the distinctive 13° tilt from the TaylorMade logo into the cabinetry inside the retail shop, installed a window at that exact angle in the top of the container, and even included the tilt in the stitching of the custom couches. If there’s a branding opportunity, we’ll find it for you.

Exploring New Frontiers

The TaylorMade experience achieved more than a few “firsts” for us. In addition to the innovative use of the “middle container,” the retail shop and studio were the tallest single-story structure we’d built to date, and it was the first to use clerestory windows.

These windows, located at the upper story perimeter, allowed us to extend the height of the containers and use valuable interior real estate for storage. Beyond that, they created an open, airy feel that encouraged visitors to really interact with the space.

When you have brand goals to achieve, no matter how impossible it may seem, Boxman Studios will work to make them a reality. Challenges fuel our creativity and help us build shipping container experiences that meet your goals – and exceed your expectations.