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This past October we helped Sparks create an incredible brand environment for a travel-based credit card. As part of the Oktoberfest celebration, Sparks utilized one of our custom environments to bring Germany to Dilworth Park in Philadelphia. For the two-day event, attendees were able to “visit” the cities of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich getting their “passports” stamped at each location. In addition to some great free giveaways, attendees learned a little about each city and took photos in front of famous landmarks, via a custom green screen installed on the inside of the space.

*Video courtesy of Sparks Marketing Group.

The build started with one of our standard 20′ Suites, but in the end there was nothing standard about it. In order to really give attendees the feeling of being transported to a different place, Sparks designed an environment dripping in hi-res imagery. To start, we fabricated custom dual swing-out walls that turned 8′ of wall space into 40′. The walls showcased panoramic views of each city, and held two 32″ LCD televisions that offered more information about the end-client.

On the outside of the container we built a custom wall with fifteen small wooden barrels. Inside each barrel was a factoid about the incentives of signing up with the end-client brand. We also created two aluminum panels (6′ x 2′) that could be added to the end of the container to mount more televisions and create additional branding opportunities.

We’re proud of our work for Sparks, and thank them for the opportunity to create such an amazing brand experience. Danke!