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RX Bar


You may have noticed RX Bar’s brand skyrocket to the top of the snack industry this year. If not, catch up. The whole ingredient protein bar (no B.S.) company has been growing like crazy, so they came to Boxman Studios to help them round out their experiential activation space. Their brand relies heavily on field marking to grow awareness and they wanted a display that could visually differentiate their product from others on the circuit while showing their existing fans how far they’ve come.


Working hand-in-hand with RX Bar, we provided an 8’ x 8’ purpose-built container. When it’s closed, it’s a black and white box with clean lines and bold lettering. When it’s three awnings flip-up and two back walls fold out, it becomes an interactive space for RX Bar’s brand ambassadors to hand out product, talk to event attendees, and provide an outstanding brand immersion experience. The unit is finished off with an upper deck that could be used as a DJ booth. For now, they’re keeping that space occupied with a large inflatable RX bar that can easily act as a wayfinding beacon.


RX Bar has popped up at two events so far. They made their debut in Denver, Colorado and had an absolutely amazing turnout! Their second activation was at College Fan Fest at Fenway Park. You can see video from Fenway Park here and Photos from both activations on our Flickr Page at this link right here. We’re so proud of the work we’ve done with RX Bar and can’t wait to see how the rest of their tour shakes out. We’ll keep updating as the story develops!