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Red Bull & Circle K

Services Offered:

Welding, Engineering, Design, Develop, Deploy


Red Bull needed a mobile “convenience-style” venue to showcase and share their consumer products. They also wanted to highlight their relationship with their own clients (C-Stores.) Our challenge was to build a space that grabbed the attention of their audience in a convenience store setting. Complete with refrigeration. In other words, we had to give Red Bull some serious wings.


Starting with a 20’ container, we added a cooler, multiple merchandise racks, a register, and the fittings of an entire convenience store into an 8 foot by 20 foot space. The design opened from both sides which allowed the venue to adapt to any space requirement while also helping manage traffic flow. Easy to set up and break down, our solution debuted at Red Bull’s annual New Years Eve party in San Diego, California, in 2011.


With a team of builders, designers, and logisticians all under the same roof, we were able to give Red Bull a product that was as cool as it was relevant, efficient, and mobile. It now travels with Red Bull to various events on the West Coast, and, being a giant steel box, it can handle most any environment.