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25 Games. 6 Shipping Containers. 2 Concurrent Tours. Boxman Studios is providing the ultimate College Football tailgate experience this Fall. In partnership with Advantage International, we have created the Hyundai Field House to promote Hyundai’s status as #1 in Customer Loyalty. 

With two activations traveling in different parts of the United States simultaneously, each Hyundai Field House consists of three custom built shipping container units. And when we say custom, we mean from the ground up. During the design process we realized that the best way to meet Hyundai’s needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner was to create each container space from scratch using recycled parts. Our expert manufacturing team developed six units that ensured the highest quality and safest structure possible.  We also introduced a custom-designed hinge into the build making setup and breakdown easier then ever.

Once our ASME-certified fabricators finished the manufacturing portion of the activation, each Field House was finished with wi-fi access, 6 High-Definition screens, leather couches, bean bags, and bar stools for 1500 square feet of college football fandom (and that’s just counting the containers.) But traveling to 25 different campuses means different grounds and various restrictions, not to mention different teams altogether. The Hyundai Field House was designed so that each unit could work independently or together, meaning one, two, or all three units can be activated at one time. And to make sure that each experience caters to the fans of the home teams we travel to, the Field House allows for interchangeable branding, allowing a Florida tailgate one week to change into an Ohio State tailgate the next week.

Working hand-in-hand with Advantage International, from design to build to transport to setup and back again, Boxman Studios is excited to be the full-service provider for the Hyundai Field House. Check out the full schedule below, along with some great images. To see even more, follow us @boxmanstudios for updates.

09/24/2016- UCLA & ASU

10/01/2016- Florida State

10/15/2016- Clemson &Wisconsin

10/22/2016- Auburn & Penn State

10/29/2016- Oregon & Texas

11/5/2016- South Carolina & USC

11/12/2016- Florida & Tennessee

11/19/2016- Georgia & Michigan

11/26/2016- Ohio State & Alabama

Update: Advantage International received the Gold Winner from Event Marketer for “Best Activation of Sports Sponsorship” for the Hyundai Show Your Loyalty College Football Campaign. Congratulations to Advantage, we thank you for the opportunity to contribute to such a great campaign.