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Chocolate Frey

Chocolat Frey, Switzerland’s favorite Chocolate Brand is making its North American debut with the help of Boxman Studios and A & L Marketing.  The premium chocolate maker has been providing delectable sweets in Europe for over 125 years, and with their recent acquisition ofSweetWorks in Buffalo, NY, they’re excited to introduce their product stateside just in time for Easter.

Chocolat Frey decided to bring their products to the American market beginning with their bunnies, Funny, Sunny and Lucky.  The bunnies are enclosed in attractive, bright and colorful packaging and are made from fine sustainably produced Swiss Chocolate.  To bring this new product to the American consumer, Chocolat Frey needed a place that would create more impact than a typical brick-and-mortar location. That’s where we come in. We created a gorgeous mobile retail facility that encompasses the Chocolat Frey brand inside & out. The mobile store will be debuting at Concord Mills, North Carolina’s number one tourist attraction, on February 28th and remain there through Easter Week.

The Chocolat Frey store boasts a few firsts for us, and the result is a purpose-built environmentwith a twist on our typical 20’ suite. In our constant push for improvement, we incorporated more aluminum into the structure, keeping it lighter than ever. Chocolat Frey also wanted a space that could adapt to its environment, so we improved on a plug-and-play wall system that we had designed for previous projects. The new enclosure system is sturdier, easier to assemble, and the removable panels allow for multiple configurations. We also insulated the awnings so that when the space is enclosed it won’t heat up on summer days when it’s in the sun.

This new structure features an innovative flooring material. Created from vinyl and cork, the material gives the polished look of ceramic tile with none of the fragility. As a result, it’s completely waterproof, flexible, and easy to clean.

We’re grateful that Chocolat Frey selected us to help with their US launch. And with plans to expand their presence across the country, expect to see more of these pop up retail spaces in your area. In the meantime, if you’re near Concord Mills check out Neighborhood 2 and indulge in Switzerland’s favorite chocolate brand!