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Curiosity Cube



Millipore Sigma provides scientists and engineers with best-in-class lab materials, technologies, and services. They’re dedicated to making research and biotech production simpler, faster and safer. But the lab equipment company doesn’t stop there. They’re on a mission to share their love of science with students of all ages.  

To do that, Millipore Sigma is focused on how to make science class awesome and fun for students, hoping that kids’ passion for science will blossom into fruitful careers. Because teachers have little to no resources for hands-on experiments, they rely on videos and worksheets. Millipore Sigma believes making science class fun shouldn’t be so difficult. They knew they wouldn’t be able to fitout every classroom with the necessary resources, so they came up with another idea. A combination of a high-tech science lab and a fun learning environment that has 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, interactive microscopes and more. They came to us to help them build the latest version of that lab inside a shipping container.   


To create a vibrant, engaging learning environment that sparks curiosity, we used a 22’ x 8’ purpose-built shipping container as the structural foundation. Adding fold-down walls and fold-up awnings allow the lab’s footprint to expand for larger groups and provides an open-air experience for students. Curiosity Cube’s air conditioning, heat, and lab equipment run on our standard 200-amp panel.  Finishing touches included custom folding shelves, colorful vinyl branding, and a lab table shaped to resemble Millipore Sigma’s logo. To accommodate their tour, which has a lot of events, they opted to use a self-offloading trailer which allows them to drop the structure inside the allotted footprint without needing a forklift.


For their first year-long tour Curiosity Cube is stopping at schools and city centers. They’re targeting dense public events with as many students as possible. The vibrant colors and bold design elements attract attention and inspires wonder in anyone who walks by the activation. Folks lucky enough to walk inside are greeted with an immersive hands-on experience designed to inspire curiosity. Millipore Sigma’s work with Curiosity Cube is having a remarkable impact on students and teachers, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have been included in the construction of this innovative space!