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Charlotte Experience


When you work in an industry like ours, it can be difficult to explain what we really do. Plenty of people have seen a modified shipping container in one form or another. But, those basic designs are really only a small part of our operation.

We tell people that we modify or purpose build containers to create brand experiences that help you develop authentic connections with your customer. But what exactly does that mean? We decided that in order to truly explain, we needed to show people. So, we invited friends and strangers to come see for themselves the kind of magic that Boxman Studios is passionate about creating.

First, we came up with a brand and an idea we thought people could rally behind. And just like that, Charlotte Experience was born. The idea was to bring some of the top minds in business, experiential marketing, finance, and tech together to talk about how experiences improve connections and increase ROI for a wide range of businesses, not just food and beverage or retail.

What came out of all the planning was a wholly-branded event, co-sponsored by SONY that provided a platform to show people how we work, who we work with, and debut our Dream Theater and Brew Cube concepts.

The Dream Theater is the revolutionary brain child of SONY and Boxman Studios’ teams. This concept, a completely turn-key, drop-in home theater allows for homeowners to avoid the dreaded contractors and permitting process when adding a man-cave or she-shed to their homes. And, when it’s time to move, homeowners won’t have to leave their audiovisual equipment behind. This product allows you to move your Dream Theater wherever you go, saving time and money on replacing the home-theater equipment. The entire container is customizable, meaning we are able to match the finishes and style of your existing home, or get really creative and build a completely unique space for your family.

Shipping Container Home Theater  Container Home Theater

The Brew Cube has been in our hopper for a while. Modified from our original Super 10′ model, The Brew Cube features a bar, keggerator, and an upper deck for viewing, branding, or additional seating. The most attractive feature of the Brew Cube is that it is completely turnkey and can be activated by most people. This new concept is ideal for breweries, vineyards, or event food and beverage kiosks.

BrewCube 3   BrewCube

Charlotte Experience also featured:
Panel Discussion with David Campbell (Boxman Studios), Roger Huskey (Hollywood’s Productions), Jarod Nichols (The Jarod Nichols Group), and Mike Boykin (Bespoke Marketing).
Beer provided by Stone Brewing and Triple C Brewing Company
BeautyKind’s touring studio space
Hyundai’s College Game Day
Raffle prizes
Bourbon tasting
Projection equipment and demos by SONY and Screen Innovations