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Burr and Berry


Burr and Berry is a new brand in the Indian Land, SC coffee scene. After 8 years in the coffee industry, the owner, Jason Cowan saw an opening in the market. Cowan and his wife Kelly moved to Charlotte from the Pacific Northwest to bring the wonders of small-format drive-thru and walkup-only coffee to the Carolinas, providing high-quality coffee and teas and a prioritization on customer relationships, all in a convenient format.  They knew they needed to find a partner that could meet our high demands on design, construction quality, and reasonable cost.  But given they are building a new brand, in a format that many people in the area do not recognize, design would be critical.


The 250 ft structure was purpose-built in our shop. Cowan chose an efficient size to support the demands of their coffee and tea execution model, while not being too big and unwieldy on the site. We used a high ceiling to give the space an airy feel and to provide room for storage. The standard drive-thru is rarely a high-touch experience, so we included large windows and openings to make the working environment pleasant for team members and provide easy connection points to our customers. They wanted their structure to have of style, obvious quality and a “cuteness” that would attract customers as they passed our location on the street. Warm cedar cladding, a mono-pitch roof, and red gooseneck light fixtures add whimsy and warmth to the building.


The coffee shop has been set up in an outparcel on Transformation Church’s property. Although Burr and Berry hasn’t had their grand opening yet, their soft launch has been a huge success. Cowan’s goal has always been to create a place with great food, where people come for the community and relationships. Cowan says,

“The building that came together as a product of our design and needs has undoubtedly helped us connect with our customers: the building is approachable, distinctive, easy to clean and upkeep, and fun to be in.  Our barista team loves the light and our customers love being able to see what we’re doing and interact with us.

We really enjoyed working with Boxman and found them not just willing but excited to help us land our vision and execute it in a beautiful and very high-quality way.  We can’t say enough about their focus on our relationship as well as their commitment to quality and to the details that really matter.  We are excited about our ongoing partnership and can’t wait to work with them again on stores 2 and beyond.”

We’re so proud of this beautiful structure and grateful to have been included in this community building initiative. We can’t wait to see how this small business grows!