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Bucci Party

At the beginning of February, we launched an online contest for use of one of our luxury hospitality suites. We opened the contest up to both regular people looking to upgrade their parties, and to charitable organizations that could use some help in hosting an event on their calendar. At midnight on March 10th, we closed the polls and announced our winners onTwitter and Facebook.

Winner of the party category is Steve Bucci, who is using our venue for his wife’s 40th birthday party in May. The Bucci party just beat out The Corn Wedding in what was a frantic race at the end. Both the front runners in this category utilized Facebook as their main vehicle for spreading the message and attracting votes. The winner of the non-profit category is Hounds4Heroes, who made a furious push in the final days to overtake NoFizz Charlotte. Both these organizations utilized Facebook, Twitter and blogs to get the word out. We’re trying to get a venue to Hounds4Heroes for their one-year anniversary celebration on April 9th. We can’t begin to thank all the entrants and participants enough, but we’ll try – Thank You. We really enjoyed this exercise, and hope to do it again. We’d also like to acknowledge the non-profit organizations that participated. Worthy candidates, all. Global H2o Tiger World Wipe Out Waste NoFizz Charlotte Hounds4Heroes