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Boogs BBQ


If you’re a baseball fan, you may recognize Boog Powell’s name from his World Series Championships with the Baltimore Orioles. If you’re an Orioles fan, you probably already know that on game days you can find his famous BBQ joint serving up pork sandwiches with all the fixin’s on Eutaw Street- Camden Yards. When Boog first lit up his smoker, he was serving patrons out of a tent. As the years went on, his operation grew in popularity, and so they expanded to a larger tent adjacent to the stadium’s outfield. Now, as Camden Yards starts its season, with a newly updated stadium, it was time for Boog to elevate his restaurant again. This time, in addition to a new kiosk to hand out meals he would add to his customers’ experience by adding a general store, an on-site smoker, and a branded, classic truck.

Populous, an architectural design firm who focuses on stadiums, convention centers, and events contacted us to help them realize their concept of a shipping container concession in Boog’s iconic image.


After a consultation, the teams agreed that a 40’ x 8’ purpose-built structure would be the best solution. As with many stadium food service options, Boog’s uses a commissary-style kitchen, meaning they prep and cook their menu offsite and then assemble plates on-site. So, the structure was separated into a customer-facing section and a back of house, where food is stored, kept warm, and assembled to order.

Boog’s front of house is flanked by seven flip-up, awnings and finished in black corrugate. The back of house and parapet are framed in black steel and lined in gorgeous reclaimed barn wood. The concession is finished off with special touches like their hand-painted “Boog’s BBQ” and “No. 26” wayfinding signage.



The Boog’s BBQ restaurant is only one piece of a larger business model around the Boog’s BBQ brand. Although Boog’s was undeniably popular with locals before their container touched down, they’ve discovered that they can provide an elevated experience, commiserate with the level of experience any Orioles fan can expect on gameday. Loyal fans love it so much, they’ve taken to social media to share the update. You can see some of the ones we loved here: