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BeautyKind Simple 7'

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If you’ve stepped foot on a college campus or attended a game-day tailgate, you may have noticed BeautyKind’s massive presence. Becoming a tailgate tradition is no small feat, and the clicks-to-bricks retailer is feeling love from fans.

So, when they came back to us, asking for a new touring model with a smaller footprint, and bigger impact, our kinetic designers had a few ideas. Starting with the obvious need, a smaller footprint, we decided to shrink our original Super 10’ design down.

Appropriately named the Simple 7’, the newest container design in tradeshow and experiential marketing is perfect for squeezing into tight footprints and feel like a big-time activation. The display vibe, easy set-up, and self-offloading elements made it a good fit. But, what about the fold-down floors? Those wouldn’t work for Beautykind’s needs, so we turned them into flip-up awnings with gas-shocks and hinged ends. Not only do the flip-up displays give BeautyKind more brandable space to promote their causes, it empowers them with the flexibility of changing displays based on where the space will be activated.

The BeautyKind Simple 7’ also includes:

Articulated and telescoping mounted iPad for selfies

LED halo lighting for perfect selfies

Wireless audio-visual system

High-end looking finishes


Snap-together flooring, perfect for outdoor events

About BeautyKind

A new kind of online retailer that allows you to buy the brands you love and discover new favorites, all while supporting the cause of your choice. BeautyKind features a collection of prestige beauty products including some of the best brands in makeup, skincare, fragrances, body care, hair, and nail products. Where it’s different is that BeautyKind allows you to direct 5% of your product purchase price to the cause of your choice, whether it’s a national charity or one in your local community. The choice is yours. BeautyKind’s unique Rewards Program gives back to customers who share this exciting new way to buy beauty. Friends you invite get $25 off their first purchase, and you get $25 when they first buy. And when your friends buy, not only will more be raised for causes, but you’ll also accrue Beauty Points, which you can redeem for products.

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