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Kamp Grizzly and adidas had an idea for a one-of-a-kind shoe giveaway and watch part for the University of Kansas March Madness Elite 8 game. Using a socially driven contest, fans would enter their names into a raffle using hashtag #alphaBOUNCE. After their names were drawn, the winners would receive a direct message, directing them to run down to the outdoor watch party, to claim their prize.


To simulate the appearance of a smooth-sided container, we utilized our full-wrap option. Not only did this give the container 360-degree branding (including the roof for fans above our heads), but also provided a corrugate camouflage and a very cool aesthetic.

This event is an excellent example our full and half-suites versatility and quick timelines. With only a few weeks’ notice and a tentative schedule, we were able to provide Kamp Grizzly and adidas the perfect space to connect with their fans and bring a new level of experience to Kansas University’s March Madness.


KU fans couldn’t be happier! They walked away in fresh sneakers, after spending some time watching the game, shooting hoops, having a frosty beverage, and spending time inside our 20’ suite.