Permanent Modular Construction

Reduced Construction Timeline, Purpose Built

Avoid Building Delays with Permanent Modular Construction

High Quality Materials & Results-Driven Design

The Perfect Combination for Profitable Businesses

Every week your business isn’t open, you’re losing revenue. Costly building delays in traditional construction can result from a variety of things including:

  • Weather
  • Change Orders
  • Vandalism
  • Labor Shortages

Our permanent modular construction process offers a quicker path to revenue.

Why Choose Permanent Modular Construction?

Create incredible environments that are as engaging as they are intriguing. Our permanent modular buildings are:

All our projects are designed to meet your needs – with our purpose-built comprehensive design process, we ensure optimal quality control & streamlined assembly.

Endless design potential customized to your needs, without a lengthy construction timeline. Permanent modular construction can streamline the construction processes with increased speed to market.

Built with top-grade material in the same manner as conventional construction, permanent modular solutions provide reliable durability with minimal waste.

All of our structures go through a modular, third-party, state inspection program so you can be sure our buildings are code compliant with the highest standards.

Purpose-Building Your Vision

With our unique “purpose-building” method, we concentrate our process on three pillars to maximize efficiency and quality for your customized project:

Design: Conceiving the tailored solution that is right for your needs.

Develop: Building your structure from the ground up in our 65,000 square foot facility.

Deploy: We will deliver your structures on time and on budget.

Our design process is collaborative. We will capture the right aesthetics and layouts for both looks and functionality.

Once we’ve dreamed up your vision together, we put our plan in action with modular component construction to get your business in business sooner.


Welded Steel Frames

Flooring Systems Installed

Interior Walls Built

HVAC Electrical Plumbing Installed

Exterior Finish Applied

Easily Transported

Crane Set

Completed Building

Reduce your construction timeline by up to 40-60%

Why would you want to deal with challenges of traditional construction when permanent modular construction can help you.

  • Expedite the design and build process
  • Complete site and building work simultaneously
  • Save money by using materials efficiently
  • Reduce time from design to occupancy by as much as 40-60%
  • Enjoy minimal site disruption
  • Enjoy significant tax benefits

Traditional vs. Modular Timeline

Permanent modular construction could reduce the typical 120 day construction schedule by 40 days.

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Let’s Build Something Amazing Together

We design, develop, and deploy iconic, jaw-dropping environments that are as safe as they are awesome. If you’re ready to get in front of your customers sooner, let’s build something amazing together.

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Brands That Trust Us

We only exist because of our customers. A full spectrum of amazing brands trust us with creating remarkable experiences for them and their audience. These projects include rentals, refurbished containers, and purpose-built modular structures supporting a wide array of applications.