The Business Case for Containers in Temporary Retail


Retail is undergoing a transformation. Containers offer unprecedented value in the industry!

Speed to Market

Fast is our comfort zone. Permanent, stick-built construction can’t even touch our times. Their pace is no surprise when you consider the time wasted for change orders, weather, theft, and sluggish workplace. But even in the event world, where quick turns are not only necessary, but common as hell, we fly past other builders thanks to our dedicated team, proven process, and truckload of experience. But fair warning, don’t confuse us in any tortoise and hair metaphor. We get it done fast, but never sacrifice the quality of our workmanship. No naps under trees for us.



Shipping Containers are built to be…shipped! So, every structure that we build is inherently mobile. Particularly with offsite construction, which is a big chunk of what we do, ensuring that each module is built to be moved easily and without sacrificing the safety, look, or footprint of a space can be difficult. It’s easy to imagine how a small unit like eBay could be shipped around, but what about Porsche’s monster Driving Experience? How did we make this stunning colossal move like a ballerina? The secret is in the container!


Tax Benefits

By utilizing Boxman Studios’ product, our clients can receive tax benefits. Based on IRS Publication 946, container structures are categorized as 7-year tax life property. Specifically, the code states, “Any property that does not have a class life and has not been designated by law as being in any other class.” This means that modular units are not called out in the IRS Publication 946, therefore it defaults to a 7-year property, which allows you to depreciate the units over a 7-year tax life. Commercial traditional stick built construction in IRS Publication 4562 is classified as nonresidential real property, which has a depreciation period of 39 years.

Simply, depending on how you file, you might be the recipient of some major tax benefits for utilizing purpose-built and shipping container structures as part of your business plan.


Curating for the Escape

Follow me here. It’s fair to say that the digital marketplace is well… commonplace, right? People are yearning for an escape; for a novel sensory experience that connects them to the world around. Retail stores are the perfect opportunity for customers to escape from the incessant tapping on carts and immerse themselves in your brand experience. Our careful consideration for mixing design with functionality and programming helps you to tap into their emotions. This means your brand is creating authentic experiences and improving overall relevancy. While this phenomenon isn’t happening exclusively in containers, they make the whole experience pretty cool!