Pop-Up Retail – Boxman Style


Pop-up retail may not be a new idea but it does seem to be a trend that is gaining momentum. In the past, major retailers and other B-to-C companies have traditionally spent significant resources on in-depth research and economic forecasting to determine where they should consider opening new brick-and-mortar store locations. Lately, however, more and more well-known brands are realizing that they can take their shopping environments directly to their prospective customers.

The game is changing thanks to pop-up retail.  Now brands can literally perform a live test within any market using a pop-up retail model that allows them to by interacting with their potential customer base and community using temporary storefronts that are erected an dismantled in a matter of hours or days with a very low cost to entry. This ‘portable store‘ approach allows them perform a real-life test within a community to see how well received and supported their presence might be in a given market. This is a level of market research and interaction that wasn’t even available until recently.

Thanks to pop-up solutions, retailers can now take full advantage of the portability option at a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar shop. For example, a company that sells flip-flops on Fire Island can close up shop during winter months without enduring the overhead costs of maintaining a traditional storefront during a slow sales period.  Or, if they are a little more ambitious, they can easily convert to a ski shop and head to the mountains for the winter.

The possibilities are unlimited when you take your company to your customers.

Whether you are an established brand looking to find your next market, or you’re a small flip-flop shop in need of migration, give us a call and let us help customize your next venture. Don’t get up, we’ll come to you.