Pop-Up Restaurants: Retail’s Evolutionary Next Step


Retail has hit an undeniable slow down. Some chains are talking about refreshing their brands or ramping up their online efforts to counter the revenue dip. Urban Outfitters, on the other hand, has moved forward with a pretty radical idea. They’re going into a business in a sector where economics are actually improving. Pop-up Restaurants. Yep.

The eclectic retailer on Monday morning announced an agreement to acquire Philadelphia’s Vetri Family group of restaurants, including the popular Pizzeria Vetri.

Urban Outfitters Chief Development Officer Dave Ziel told Philly.com that shoppers are increasingly spending their disposable income on food instead of retail. My belt would agree.

“Until they invent actual replicators like on Star Trek, e-commerce is not a threat to the restaurant business,” he told the website.

Unfortunately, not every brand can afford to acquire their own pizza moguls, or add a full kitchen to their location. So what’s a person to do?

Boxman Studios says Pop-up Restaurants are the answer.

Because of our in-house design, fabrication and logistics, your business can set down anywhere and fire up the grills in a matter of days. Repurposed shipping containers can be more cost effective than an interior re-design and can house an industrial or quick service kitchen.

Find out what we can do to put your pop-up restaurant on the map.