Online Retailers Getting Real


When companies launch online stores, they fantasize of an easy life with automatic inventory, salaried photographers and most of all, a business with little to no overhead. The dream. And if you’re in the top 10% of retailers you’re probably enjoying many of those perks. But, for the other 90% of e-commerce retailers, the digital realm is a cut-throat, cold place where only the most vicious of Search Engine Optimizers can get you the rankings.

Trending in the digital world this week? #onlinegetsreal.

Many online retailers are deciding to take a couple steps back to take a giant leap forward into their own real-world retail spaces. Storefronts offer retailers something digital can’t match. Community. Strong in-person experiences and excellent customer service goes beyond the convenience of a point-and-click sale. It instills an emotional connection between your store, your people, and the community that surrounds your business.

Time and time again, we see that a physical presence and real-world experiences boost sales. And it’s not just small companies that see the benefits. When Apple started out, their computers were sold through e-commerce. Now, their stores are praised for their revolutionary practices, long lines, and tons of revenue.

Omnichannel Pays off

Physical stores have an amazing ability to provide brands with a medium to tell their story, and earn customer loyalty. Memorable experiences happen when you’re in front of people, talking to them, and advocating for your brand, not behind a screen showing thousands of stock images.

Still, digital and online retail isn’t going anywhere. Maybe ever. So, adopting an omnichannel approach or using many channels in a single, cohesive brand message will be imperative for the success of your online or stick-and-brick retail business.