How to Get Consumers to Spend Money Faster


Accessibility is key in today’s marketplace. You could have the greatest idea to ever grace the board room, but unless you can connect directly with your audience, you might as well be a sitting duck. Today, nothing brings more consumers in than an accessible market. One click buys, seamless interaction between consumer and product; people will simply explore other avenues if they find themselves bothered with an inconvenient process.

This idea of convenience is what has led to the growth of digital platforms. Now social mediums like Pinterest and Instagram are capitalizing on this by adding an instant “Click to buy” button to their content. This allows users to repin and reshare their favorite posts, while also making purchases straight from the app.

So what does this all mean? Is physical retail dead? Will everything soon be purchased via twitter? Not exactly. 85% of consumers still prefer shopping in-store. This may seem confusing, but these seemingly conflicting trends actually give great insight into the minds of current consumers. Your audience loves the convenience of digital shopping, but also prefers a shopping ‘experience’.


With a pure digital platform it can be difficult to control the buyer experience, while brick-and-mortar doesn’t have the agility to quickly get in front of consumers. Mobile retail experiences are the perfect blend of brand environment, and new technology. It’s clear that you no longer need thousands of square feet of inventory for consumers, but they do want to see and ‘browse’ your products – all of which can be done with digital screens. Couple this with a knowledgeable brand representative who can guide consumers through the buying cycle and you’ve now found consumer nirvana. Plus the added ability to travel to your consumers whether they be at a sporting event or a music festival.

The marketplace is changing entirely, and companies must be willing to adapt to the customers wants. Now more than ever the customers have the power, and technology keeps fueling the idea that everything should be faster, easier, better than ever. Unless your company is willing to find inventive ways to keep your consumers actively interested and continually engaged, you could very well get left behind.