How Can Your Business Use a Pop-Up Location to Get Ahead?


Boxman Studios’ customers have come to rely on our ingenuity and innovation to make their events and experiences come alive. We continually push ourselves, and each other, to think creatively – to go outside the box even as we’re working within it. Part of this involves considering new, interesting, and effective ways that our containers can be deployed.

Here are a just a few inventive uses for our containers:

1. Car Dealerships

Auto manufacturers and dealers are always telling customers how innovative and advanced their products are. Why not show them as well? Shipping containers can be modified and configured as full-service show rooms and sales offices.

The benefits: the process can be done all at once or in stages (for example, you might install the sales floor first, then the showroom and rental office, then the administrative offices, etc.); and by either reusing materials or eschewing impact-heavy construction methods, you’re not just telling your customers how you’re both leading-edge and ecologically responsible, you’re showing them. If you’re selling ecofriendly, electric, or high MPG cars, underscoring your commitment to using renewable resources can be a major selling point. Plus, it’s been our experience that shipping containers environments are like people magnets.

2. Pop Up Mobile Carrier Shops

Imagine having a cracked screen on your iPhone and not having to drive 30 minutes to an Apple Store to fix it. Mobile carriers could set up their pop-up retail space in a parking lot—perhaps forging strategic partnerships with big box stores in the process.

In this kind of space, customers could sign up for plans or buy phones and accessories. If they need a repair, all they have to do is pull up to the drive-thru, talk to a customer rep about their needs, shop for a few necessities, and come back later to pick up their repaired device.

3. Drive-Thru Dry Cleaners

Many dry-cleaners have drop-off points where customers can, well, drop off their items. But instead of a brick-and-mortar shop, they could have a 40-foot container with a drive-thru window on each side and a tracking system inside for the clothing. Customers leave their clothes before work, you send it back to the central location for cleaning, and by the next morning the customer’s items are hanging in the shipping container, ready to be picked up. Customers never even have to get out of their vehicles.

These are just a few examples, but when you’ve been working with shipping containers as long as we have, you come to realize that the relevant uses for them are virtually endless. It all starts with a goal. When you have that, we can help you achieve it – and wow your audience and customers with original, effective, and relevant shipping container solutions.

What can we build for you?