Halloween Pop-Up Shops aren’t as Scary as you Think


Fall is officially here, which means your doorbell will soon be ringing and kids will be begging for candy. For specialty retailers, now is the time to be finalizing your plans for making this Halloween the most profitable one yet. Here are some tips for making the most of your short-term retail season.

Go mobile.

 There’s no better way to embrace a temporary selling season than through mobility. Take Halloween, for example. You only have a small window of time to make a profit. Your goal is to offer an annual product to your customers and rise above any competition trying to do the same thing. Instead of leasing out a retail space in a strip mall, why not take your show on the road? Bring your product to the customer. If you operate a Halloween costume shop, you’re likely to have great success by selling at fall carnivals or farmer’s markets; take your product directly to your target market.


 Driving interaction with your brand is critical to your success. Imagine opening your on-demand retail space without having a social media campaign behind it, or without any hype behind your presence. Be proactive in letting people know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. What if you created an app exclusively for your product that allowed customers to pre-shop or learn more about your services? Or announced special social-media-only giveaways? If you actively engage your market, they will have a better sense of identifying with your brand and be repeat customers.

 Remember the overall purpose.

 While turning a profit is a great quantifiable goal, there’s more to the story. Remember to create authentic experiences for your customers. You’re up and running for a limited time – make it worth their while. This will help build brand awareness and loyalty, so the time next Halloween season rolls around, people are anxiously awaiting your return.

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