Are You Really a “Pop-Up” Kind of Brand?


Pop-up shops are going to be flooding our streets, malls, and recently vacated retail spaces in the next few weeks. Small boutiques and online establishments are traditionally the proprietors of these mobile vendor booths. This year, however, larger brands with bigger goals are taking notice. But there’s one problem.

What does your mind conjure up when we say, “Pop-up shop?” Are you seeing a thoughtfully designed space, that allows for customers to interact with the merchandise, try on options, and develop a connection with the brand? Does it employ the latest technology and omnichannel techniques to improve the customer’s experience, and the proprietors marketing, inventory, and goals data? Does this pop-up arrive turnkey, ready to open and start selling within the hour?

No. Probably not.

Because Pop-ups aren’t beautiful, mobile extensions of your brand. They aren’t developing remarkable experiences for customers, influencers, and employees. Pop-ups were born from necessity, and are more closely realized as tents haphazardly sprung up in parking lots with a few card tables displaying product. No thought to brand engagement, to experience, or even to repeat business. While cost efficient, the traditional pop-up probably isn’t the answer for brands focused on meeting their customers face-to-face.

Somewhere between the retail shop and online presence, there’s a piece missing from apparel, accessory, and footwear retailers’ sales and marketing process. There’s a need you may not even know you have.

People need to hold your products. They need to feel the quality, see the fit, and try-out your goods. They need to be able to picture themselves wearing what you’re selling, and that’s just not possible from online interactions. How many sales are you missing because a customer doesn’t want to bother with your return policy?

People need convenience. Work days are getting longer, streets are getting more congested, and free time to browse shops is dwindling. Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort. How many customers are you losing because your ecommerce model doesn’t measure up?

People need to develop a connection with your brand. Ultimately none of these other needs matter if people don’t know about or care about your brand. If they aren’t on board for your look, your vision, or your cause, they are spending their money somewhere else. How many brand advocates are you missing because you aren’t developing authentic connections?

Pop-up shops don’t address these needs. Our solutions offer an experiential retail space that integrates technology, mobility, and limited inventory that’s totally changing the way shopping experiences happen. For more information about Boxman Studios’ mobile showrooms, fill out our contact form below.