Stepping into the Box at Hospitality Activations


When it comes to sports, there’s no question about the main event. There’s radiating energy around Tiger at the last hole, and the sight of Peyton making the final pass to the end-zone electrifies the crowd. Sports aren’t just the game; they’re a lifestyle. How can brands on the sidelines take part in it all?

Hospitality activations at key sporting events provide the opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and offering unique experiences that go beyond the standard tent activation can transform a brand event into a brand experience. Read on for three reasons why modular construction can take sports hospitality activation up a notch.

Creative Spaces that Match A Brand

This isn’t a standard tailgate spot. Custom modular builds can take on a brand’s persona to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to consumers.

By using the method of “purpose-built” construction, there are infinite possibilities to customize the space. The aesthetics can reflect the look and feel of the brand through paint, finishes and lighting. Added consideration for logos and design details complete the look and elevate the style.

The functionality of the space is custom to the needs of not just the brand but also the event venue. From lounge chairs to full-service bars and kitchens, structures can be crafted in ways a tent could never accomplish – whether  it’s leather-clad chairs that reflect the sophistication of an 18-hole golf course viewed from a second-story panoramic window or a gaming studio with leader board that brings in the energy of pit road

Comfort in the Elements

Attendees want to enjoy the heat of the final play, not the stifling summer temperatures. Units with HVAC systems provide a comfortable environment that offers an escape from the elements outside.

With modular construction, HVAC units are built into the structure and can be connected to a generator on-site – with the generator, and its noise, located outside. Careful considerations to windows and doors ensure continued air circulation in the structure and keep the environment comfortable for the duration of the activation.

Simple Install and Transport

Modular construction creates a seamless experience for planning the logistics of an activation. Instead of piecing together a series of tents and transporting multiple components; the structure arrives on site with every piece of the event contained inside.

Once onsite, it’s simple to seal the seams and install HVAC and electrical hookups. The entire set up takes just a few hours to complete. When the festivities are over, the structure breaks down to easily transportable pieces, and it’s in route to the next big event.

If you’re looking to test a big idea or offer something out-of-the-box to your customers, the Boxman Studios team can bring all things innovative and creative to life. Contact us for ideas on your next sports hospitality event.