Pop-Up Retail vs. On-Demand Retail


Pop-up shops were a big deal this holiday season. Small specialty shops and online businesses started setting up in empty spaces, kiosks and in department stores. We get tons of calls for pop-up retail opportunities, which we love. But, we’ve begun to notice that the word ‘pop-up’ didn’t quite fit our shipping container and purpose built structure model and so, on-demand retail was born. To give you a better idea of what we mean, here are the four major differences between pop-up retail and Boxman Studios’ on-demand retail model.

1.Pop-ups are generally a cheaper model.

Renting a space in a shopping area or inside another shop and setting out a few tables with your wares is a pretty cost effective model. I won’t knock that. Many successful businesses do this and if you can draw people in that way, more power to ya. However, we find that the cheapest route is rarely the most interesting, exciting or effective route. Our on-demand retail structures will cost more than the empty space and table scenario, but our spaces are eye-catching, brand experiences that increase ROI and customer loyalty like nothing you’ve ever seen. And, if your budget is a little tight, we have a variety of assets available for short and long-term leases.

2.Your business will most likely be conducted INSIDE another business

Do need to point out the problems associated with popping up in another store? Your competition is right beside you. Never an ideal scenario. Boxman Studios offers full brand immersion spaces in which, your customers aren’t distracted by competitive products or services.

3.The set-up struggle is real.

Pop-Up retail requires a lot of time associated with set up and tear down. You’re going to have to hire a team to ship your stuff to the location and help you put the pop-up together, or do it yourself. I’m all for elbow grease, but it can get ridiculous. The great thing about Boxman Studios’ on-demand retail is that both the purchased builds and the rental assets are completely turnkey. They are the perfect size to fit on a flatbed trailer, and can be folded out and set-up in less than an hour.

Watch this video to see us setting up a 20’ suite.

4. Pop-ups are temporary, period.

Pop-up retail is opened temporarily to take advantage of a trend or a seasonal product. Demand for products sold in these kinds of environments are typically short-lived. On-demand retail can be temporary, mobile, semi-permanent or permanent. If you want a one-week all-out sell-a-thon we can do it. If you want to set down in Tennessee one day and open-up in Colorado the next, we can do it. If you want to hang out at that location for a few months or if you want to open up and stay forever, we can do that too. Boxman Studios’ on-demand retail offers a level of flexibility that pop-up retail just can’t match.

So if you’re considering an investment in pop-up retail stores, think hard about your needs. Chances are, Boxman Studios’ on-demand retail options will be the right path for your business.