How Netflix Just Raised the Bar


In case you missed it, Netflix just pulled off one of the greatest experiential marketing campaigns of the year. On October 5th, over 200 existing coffee shops transformed into a very familiar one for Gilmore Girls fans – Luke’s Diner. To honor the 16th anniversary of the series premiere (and the highly-anticipated series revival), Netflix partnered with these coffee shops to offer a nostalgic experience for avid fans.

Wait, what?

Netflix is the exclusive home for the Gilmore Girls revival, and they took full advantage. What better way to cultivate buzz around an upcoming TV series reboot than capitalizing on the die-hard love Gilmore Girls fans have for the show? The participating coffee shops offered free coffee to the first 200 customers, complete with a branded Luke’s Diner coffee sleeve. These shops identified themselves as players in the game by hanging a large Luke’s Diner sign from their store windows. They decorated the inside of their shops with paraphernalia from the show and had official merchandise available for purchase.

The cherry on top…

As if walking into “Luke’s Diner” and enjoying a free cup of coffee wasn’t enough, fans were urged to check the back side of their coffee sleeves. Special prizes were revealed on a select number of sleeves – prizes like a free, limited Netflix subscription. Talk about engaging your audience!

The Luke’s Diner pop-ups were incredibly successful for each location. And, good news! You still have a little bit of time to binge the entire Gilmore Girls series before the Netflix reboot happens in November.

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