6 Unique ways to Use Boxman Studios’ 20’ Suite


Spread your Message, Before they Enter the Tradeshow or Expo

Custom Shipping Containers

Hyundai at SEMA

When you attend the largest tradeshows in the world, it can be difficult to stand out. To make a splash, Hyundai tooted their horn for guests, outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This achieved two goals. First, Hyundai was able to debut some of their newest models, without the clutter and distraction of other vendors. Second, they were in a prime location to interact with attendees on a personal level, creating an unforgettable brand experience.



 Ecommerce Companies Get Face-to-Face with Target Markets

Mobile Marketing Tour

BeautyKind at Clemson University

This beauty brand had everything they needed to appeal to beauty fanatics. Not only do they carry the most luxurious names in the beauty community, they offer the additional perk of sending a percentage of each purchase to their customer’s favorite non-profit organization. Their immersive experience travels universities around the country to introduce the brand and it’s benefits to one of their markets, Greek organizations who support a variety of non-profits. Complete with POS technology, and social media integrations, their tours are always a big-hit on campus!



Offer up Some Tailgating Hospitality


ACC Social Lounge

We got our start in hospitality, and the trend isn’t going away. Whether it’s pre-season or the Super Bowl, tailgating is the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customers. Sometimes these set-ups can be retail-focused, but in this case, the ACC just wanted to provide a place for fans to come, relax, and check out some of their technology, before entering Bank of America Stadium.



Give them an Unforgettable Experience



Put a unique spin on event spaces, like Oreo with their trending vending lounge. Custom 3-D printed Oreo Cookies are a big idea, and that means they needed a big space, to accommodate all the interested SXSW attendees. Utilizing two suites this time, they had plenty of space to spread the experience. Our suites are pre-fitted with Wi-Fi and charging stations, so Oreo took advantage of the existing hospitality elements, and added a few of their own.



Change up the Look with Inexpensive Elements like Fabric and Banners

Mobile Tour

Dick’s Sporting Goods

This fully branded, fully customized event space was developed as a part of their Be Untouchable campaign. With the help of trussing systems, vinyl covers and a little turf grass, the original structure is almost unrecognizable. Our leasable assets are designed and built with customization in mind. We can achieve nearly any look and feel you need, with only a few basic elements.



Use it as a Modular Element of a Much Larger Activation


Facebook at 2016 RNC

The versatility of this design is unmatched. When you need additional space during your large activations, our 20’ half and full suites are perfect for offering a little shade, and more room for your food service, retail, hospitality or event space.



We keep smooth and corrugated 20’ suites on hand for last-minute event rentals. For more information, give us a call a t 704-333-3733.