Project Spotlight: Kane Realty



For developers, office space is typically confined to rental trailers capable of traveling from site to site. While the units are functional, they are usually far from visually pleasing. When Kane Realty, a developer located in Raleigh, sought a new approach to traditional construction offices, they selected Boxman Studios. The task at hand? Design a space for Kane’s Smoky Hollow project to match the signature design and architectural aesthetics of the soon-to-be development.


Kane Realty is an expert in construction on a macro level, and Boxman Studios leads the way in microarchitecture and construction. Together, the two companies made an ideal team to collaborate on every part of the sales and leasing office creation. Kane looked to the Boxman team as kinetic architecture experts who could take their preliminary ideas and transform them into a physical structure on an expedited three-month time frame.

Design and aesthetics were the pillars of the project, inspiring every decision. Boxman’s focus on the design details, down to every ⅛ inch, gave ample opportunity for the structure to reflect cutting-edge design trends that would elevate the feel of the office/leasing space. Using Boxman’s “purpose-built” construction philosophy, the team fabricated a unique structure to impress potential clientele visiting the site. The base of the structure is made of two different containers, married together in the middle with a single seam weld. A repurposed shipping container atop the entire structure provides added height to the build and serves as a unique architectural feature.

During the planning and design stage, Boxman focused on how the unit would physically fit on the current construction site while also planning for it to be moved and reused at other locations. Even though the structure is larger than a typical container, it’s also highly mobile and quickly assembled. While Boxman swiftly executed the build in their manufacturing facility in Charlotte, Kane Realty secured the site in Raleigh and prepared for the unit to arrive by managing inspections on-site with state contractors. Boxman’s on-site logistics team coordinated the move, and the structure hit the road 90 days after the teams had kicked off the design process, a quick turn that allowed Kane to open its doors and begin sharing plans for Smoky Hollow with the world.


The unit is on-site in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing a comfortable workspace to the Kane Realty team during the execution of their Smoky Hollow project. For potential renters, it serves as a visual representation of the highly polished architectural details of Kane developments. Upon completion of the current development, the structure will break down easily and travel to the next jobsite, continuing to support Kane Realty’s business and development endeavors.