Project Spotlight: COPT Coffee House



A cup of joe on the go? It’s the morning ritual of many, and Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) looked to bring a full-service coffee house to the Huntsville, Alabama area with a turn-key construction solution. Their plans included constructing a multi-level structure offsite and having it fully operational within days of its arrival in Huntsville. When the Boxman team took on this larger project on an expedited timeline, streamlined solutions and accuracy became imperative to delivering the build on time.


A prior coffee shop build helped give this project momentum. After constructing a unit previously with similar functionality, the Boxman team had a working knowledge of the process and could expedite this structure.

The design team quickly dove into the project, accounting for every detail, and planning down to the ⅛ inch. Once the layout of the shop was approved, digital renderings brought the unit to life. Coordinators at the site in Huntsville utilized the approved designs and prepared the land for an easy onsite installation.

Boxman’s expertise in the QSR space gave this project a solid foundation and allowed for an uninterrupted timeline. In restaurant construction, there are strict and specific codes that must be followed. Small miscalculations can quickly derail the project and push back completion dates.

Each part of the coffee shop build was designed and executed in tandem to maximize efficiency, receiving contractor approval during each step of the process. The structure was built to code for its final location, ensuring a seamless install upon arrival.

In this transforming area of Huntsville, the team saw the opportunity to create an architectural beacon in the community. Inspired by the industrial origins of the area, the exterior and interior aesthetics take on a modern, mechanical feel. Sleek finishes and a cool-toned palette help shape the structure and define the space. Light wood flooring and dark metal accents carry a distinct look through the coffee house.


Fifty-five days from the start of the process, the build was completed at Boxman Studios’ Charlotte, North Carolina, facility. Once the foundation at the site was ready, Boxman’s logistics team deployed the structure to Huntsville, where the unit has been fully installed and is ready to serve quality brews to the community.