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Derita Makes a Decision


It is with great pleasure to announce that as a result of meeting face-to-face to discuss their concerns regarding our restaurant, The Derita-Statesville Road Community Organization has posted this in their newsletter: What’s this noise about making mobile restaurants out of old Cargo Boxes?Dave Campbell of Boxman Studios (Charlotte) is actually developing other uses for […]

Spend Earth Day with Boxman


If you’re Uptown this Thursday for Earth Day, be sure to stop by and see us at the corner of 3rd and Tryon. We’ll have a both a Boxman venue and the Lunch Box set up as part of WCNC’s Charlotte Today show from 11-12 celebrating Earth Day (a perfect match for a recycled shipping […]

Local Media Coverage


In case you haven’t seen the news lately, here are a couple of links to recent stories that have shown up in the local Charlotte media about Boxman Studios and LunchBox. News14: “Intrigue, Concern Over ‘Outside the Box’ Eatery Concept” WCNC: “Restaurant in Cargo Container Faces Opposition”

Check Out Our Logo


Fresh from the digital studios of Sutthoff Design Studios our official logo. Yippee!    

Drumroll please…


If you’ve been following along with us this past month here, you know we conducted a little contest to name our new restaurant, and yesterday we revealed the top five finalists. Today, we reveal the actual name. Ladies and gentlemen, the name of the Boxman Studios restaurant is…BleuBox. I know what you’re saying, ‘Wait…this name wasn’t in […]

Chef in the Box


What is it about French cuisine that not only tastes delicious, but also sounds delicious? It’s what makes a bowl of chicken stew a delectable dish of Coq Au Vin. Each dish uses the same ingredients, but as our award-winning, Paris-trained chef Christopher Zion says, “The art is in what you do with those ingredients.” […]