Pop-Up Hospitality – Versatility for Hotels and Restaurants


Pop up restaurants and hotels are ideal hospitality venues for seasonal and short-term attractions. They’re mobile and can be shipped right to the action. Set up a pop up restaurant at a winter carnival or a football game; park a shipping container hotel suite at summer music festival.

Be Where Customers Are

Seasonal tourism destinations, such as ski resorts, hunting and fishing lodges, and beach communities also make prime locations for shipping container venues. The durable shipping container units can be locked up so that they stay on-site for the off-season, or operate year-round, moving from one location to the next.

Buildings designed from shipping containers come equipped with electrical and Wi-Fi capabilities. They can be modified to incorporate various fixtures – from commercial kitchen equipment, to snug or stylish guest accommodations. Walls can be modified to expand into larger, open-concept spaces that are environmentally controlled with heat and/or air. Multiple units can even be stacked or aligned to create larger, multi-story buildings.

Mobile, Compact and Agile

Shipping container hospitality venues can be strategically located along narrow tracts of land, and on terrain where setting up a traditional structure might be challenging.

A coffee chain, for instance, might want to launch a new outpost from which to offer drive-through service. In this situation, selecting the appropriate roadside location would a key component to success. Now imagine if that outpost could respond to seasonal traffic flows, or the dynamics of a growing city.

At the end of the day, event or season, shipping containers lock up tightly for secure shipping or storage. This turnkey security offers invaluable peace of mind.