Introducing our Buildings Division


When we bought our first shipping container back in 2008, we had a hunch that the idea of using intermodal containers for purposes other than their original intent was going to be big. And over the years we’ve learned first-hand just how flexible shipping containers really are. From pop-up retail to traveling immersion experiences, we’ve had the privilege of designing, developing, and deploying containers for use on some amazing projects for world-renown brands within our Events and Trade Show divisions. And now we’re entering new and exciting territory as we launch the Buildings Division of Boxman Studios.

In dense urban corridors there is a growing need for sustainable, versatile, and durable architecture. Containerization is already being applied to the Built Environment in other parts of the world, and we’re ready to employ this innovative approach to architecture here in America. Dedicated exclusively to the Built Environment, our Buildings Division will utilize decommissioned shipping containers to create permanent and semi-permanent structures for urban infrastructure. Generally less expensive than traditional building materials, containers offer a level of scalability and future valuation that brick-and-mortar doesn’t.

So whether you’re an architect firm tasked with designing a sustainable shopping mall, or you’re a forward-thinking developer planning to break ground on a new office space, let’s talk about the kinds of amazing things we can do with shipping containers. We think you’ll be surprised.

modular construction, shipping container construction

modular construction, shipping container construction

Renderings by Cluck Design Collaborative