How is working with Boxman Studios different?


Anyone can modify a shipping container. The only ingredients you need are a blowtorch and a reckless sense of danger. While you certainly CAN modify your own container, chances are you probably shouldn’t. And you probably shouldn’t trust the general contractor that “has seen it on TV” and is “pretty sure” he can do it.

Coming to Boxman Studios to build your immersive brand experience, mobile kitchen, or on-demand retail space means you’re working with innovative experts that plan ahead for safety and value-engineering.

What makes working with Boxman Studios different?

  1. Proprietary knowledge of Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic architecture is all we do. We aren’t interviewing brand ambassadors, we aren’t designing apps, and we aren’t finetuning a catering menu. We are 100% focused on designing, building and delivering shipping container and purpose built structures for retail, food service, and events.

We’ve identified and ratified best practices that save costs, keep your customers safe, and look really, really cool.  That starts with knowing the medium, and we know containers like the back of our hands. We literally wrote the book on it.

  1. Planning ahead and delivering

Every cut we make decreases a container’s structural integrity. To compensate, we reinforce every window, door, and wall that’s cut in the container. We plan. We develop production schedules and provide structural drawings. If your GC or container supplier tries to convince you that these documents are an unnecessary cost, turn around and walk out. Right. Now. Do not allow your provider to treat your project like an experiment. Knowing what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and feeling confident that it will be safe for people to occupy is the number one priority. Always.

  1. Research, development and the yes, but… attitude.

We find a way. It’s as simple as that. When you know what you want, we find the best and most efficient way to deliver on those expectations or goals. Our research and development team takes our proprietary knowledge and determines how you get the structural elements that you need safely, even if it’s never been done before. So, bring on the challenge, we’ve got your back.

Every artist prefers a certain medium. Ours just happens to be shipping containers. While other builders struggle with the restrictive constraints of a container space, we’re busy creating kinetic architecture that’s anything but standard. For more information about working with shipping containers, download our eBook, below.