Ensuring a Safer Event in Any Environment (The Rose Bowl Dust Devil)


Recently, during the festivities leading up to the Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena, a video of a dust devil went viral. In the video you can see tents and other light structures being picked up by the twister and helplessly flung around. Thankfully, there were no significant injuries as the result of this scary scene.

When we saw the video, we immediately thought of how we were just there last year with IMG College. It reinforced why we go to great lengths to ensure that our structures are safe. Granted, at nearly two-tons (for an empty 20’ shipping container), there’s little chance of a dust devil picking it up and flinging it around. But the safety precautions we build into all of our projects here at Boxman Studios means that we can take them virtually anywhere in the country and withstand any weather condition.

In fact, for the IMG PlayMaker’s Club we worked with structural engineers, architects, third-party inspectors, fire marshals, and local government officials to ensure that the 3-story structure met and exceeded building codes. And because it was intended to be a traveling VIP tailgating experience, the PlayMaker’s Club was designed and built to withstand earthquakes, snow loads, and even hurricane force winds.

While no one can predict freak weather conditions, we like to think that our meticulous planning and commitment to safety creates peace of mind for our clients.