Back to Basics: Modular Construction and Why It Matters


First, what is it? Well, modular construction occurs when pre-engineered units are delivered to a site and assembled together as large components of a single building.

Modular construction is so popular because of how much time you can save from start to finish. Building off-site uses the same materials, designs, codes, and standards, as traditional construction, but takes up just half the time. Buildings are comprised of “modules” that connect with each other to create complete structures.

Modular construction is not only faster than traditional construction, but stronger too. Each module is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto foundations. Once the modules are sealed together, they go from strong, individual parts to an even stronger single unit.

But why go modular? Well, building off-site also means higher levels of quality management. Materials that are delivered to the location are securely stored in a warehouse to prevent any damage from the elements. Here at Boxman Studios, we utilize AMSE certification, specialized technicians, and third-party safety inspectors to ensure our structures meet the highest level of safety and quality.

Beyond quality management and time-saving, going modular also reduces the amount of construction activity around the area. If you have ever driven around a construction site, you might know exactly how inconvenient and hazardous it can be. Going modular reduces construction activity by approximately 80%. This means less disruption, less traffic, and higher levels of security.

With combined efforts between designers, engineers, builders, and developers, you can create just about anything. Think purpose-built structures with sustainable designs and huge environmental impact.

At Boxman Studios, we offer unique turn-key solutions for speed to market, mobility, and customization. If you’re ready to do something amazing with shipping containers, contact us today.