With container leases this good, you’ll ditch tent rentals forever


Agencies looking for event leases often run into the same problem: everything looks pretty much the same. Tents come in a handful of standard sizes and designs. Event venues have many of the same aesthetic features. Mobile events are all made from the same 5 kinds of vehicle (more or less). Shipping containers, on the other hand, have the versatility to look like almost anything! Check out the wide range of leasable offerings, each one unique to our clients’ brands!


Simple & Easy

We keep an inventory of our most popular lease structures, so they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. They have easily brandable areas and lightning-fast activation times.




Our concession stands come in two standard sizes (10’x8’ and 20’x8’) and are built from repurposed containers. The 20’ container includes an external serving area with three flip-up windows and a half-door for staff entry.  The space is wired for electric, with track lighting, and a non-skid floor material. The 10’ concession has four flip up awnings and one employee access door. They are ideal for low-maintenance activations or pop up retail shops. They close and lock securely at night so they’re great for festivals, carnivals, or any multi-night event.

Chick-fil-A at

Hyundai SEMAthe ACC Championship

As a community-centered brand, it’s important for Chick-fil-A to participate in community events. This low-maintenance activation shows how easy it can be to provide a deeply engaging and meaningful experience almost anywhere.

Epicenter at Taste of Charlotte

Sometimes you just need a temporary space to hand out food, product, or giveaways. At this 3-day long activation, the restaurants of Charlotte’s Epicenter chose the container for its easy activation and ability to be secured tightly at night.

Epicenter Concession Stand




The transformer of shipping containers– our suites can be arranged and branded with thousands of variations. Awnings open up to shade either the 500 sq ft (20’ x 25’ open) footprint. They’re constructed with bamboo flooring and the lease includes cushion seating and bar stools. This unit arrives fully stocked with flat screen TV, DVD player, and satellite TV.

Hyundai at SEMA Show

This activation’s goal was to draw eyes. Located just outside of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Hyundai utilized the modern looking half suite (full suite with only one wall folded down) and a large trussing system to lift their signage above the crowd.

Hyundai SEMA


It was important for us to create a space for Covergirl that could travel well and setup/breakdown in high-traffic areas, but also have an ample footprint to allow for product sampling and interactive experiences.


Adidas alpha bounce

To simulate the appearance of a smooth-sided container, we utilized our full-wrap option. Not only did this give the container 360-degree branding (including the roof for fans above our heads), but also provided a corrugate camouflage and a very cool aesthetic.

LipSync Battle

We mirrored the iconic materials from the show to create one of our most unique structures yet. With our friends over at Print Path, we mocked the same typographic floors you’ll see on the show, then installed a light-weight faux material that imitated a distressed brick wall which was up-lit with LED strips. Finally, we lined the booth with awesome vintage incandescent light bulbs. As it started to come together the structure looked like it was ripped right out of the Lip Sync Battle main stage.

LipSync Battle

Super 10’

When you’re looking to get away from the same old tent set-up our Super 10’ structure functions as a life-size display.  The 10-foot base folds out into a larger footprint and includes flat screen TVs, a bar, and limited access upper deck for DJ’s, branding, or a big cow.

Chick-fil-A Super 10′

Chosen for its expandable footprint, economic self-unloading system, and easy activation, this Super 10’ was upfitted with a refrigerated beverage dispensing system, a service bar, three TVs, an upper deck, a set of bar tables and chairs, and a whole lot of brandable area!

Chick Fil A Activation

Iconic, Custom Spaces

Yep… They’re leases. When something in our inventory doesn’t fit the bill, we build! Clients may not be able to lease exactly these structures. But, we can build and lease almost anything!



(Now pieces and parts)

Facebook approached us to help them develop a one-of-a-kind event space for the 2016 RNC. Their lease included a shaded area for hundreds of people during happy hours, a control room to be the brains behind their RNC activation, a safe and sturdy space to serve as the muscle, product demonstration areas for Oculus and Facebook Live, and a semi-private live studio shot of Freedom Plaza.

Facebook RNC


Hyundai’s College Gameday

With two activations traveling in different parts of the United States simultaneously, each Hyundai Field House consists of three custom-built shipping container units. Each Field House was finished with wi-fi access, 6 High-Definition screens, leather couches, bean bags, and bar stools. The Hyundai Field House was designed so that each unit could work independently or together, meaning one, two, or all three units can be activated at one time. They loved the tour so much, it lasted 4 years!

Hyundai Field House



(Currently under long-term contract)

Constructed from 9 containers this structure was purpose-built to exude the same meticulous luxury as the Porsche brand. This structure has by far the largest indoor volume of any of our past projects. One of the features we’re most proud to display are the designs for self-contained staircases. In a typical mobile activation, stairs can be a point of contention for the activators and permitting entities alike. But with this plug-and-play stair design, getting a view is a cinch.

Porsche Shipping Containers



Custom leases don’t have to be complex. This lease we built for HBO’s experiential tour, although simple, has tons of subtle custom features. Just look at the light-reflecting paint that doubles as a giant projector screen.

Custom… Kind of

Sometimes custom projects come in so hot and heavy, we don’t have enough time to build a completely new custom structure from scratch. So, in these cases, we look to our extensive inventory of storefronts, staircases, steel frames, upper decks, furniture, and simple & easy assets to put something completely different together.  Take a look at the projects below to see where the original pieces and parts have been.

Exxon- Field House, Facebook

To fit into their timeline and budget, the team chose to repurpose existing leasable structures to fit their footprint and aesthetic. Utilizing two pieces from Hyundai Field House activations and stairs/ railings from our VIP Plaza, we created a two-story structure to house Exxon Mobil’s immersion experience.


Spoke Easy- Facebook

For International PARK(ing) Day, local bike shop and bar popped-up in Plaza Midwood to perform FREE bicycle safety checks. Located inside a custom shipping container frame originally used in VIP Plaza they discussed pedestrian and cyclist safety, handed out delicious refreshments, and connected with the Charlotte Community.

Susan G Komen Tower-  Playmaker’s Club, Simple & Easy

This one-day stacked container activation acted as a way-finding tool during Susan G Komen’s Race for the cure. It also contained information areas, a retail shop, and plenty of shade for runners looking to cool down.