Why You Need A Presence at College Football


2013 marked the highest attendance in history for NCAA College Football with over 50 million fans heading to stadiums to see their favorite teams play. That’s over 50 million people congregating in one spot to interact and party. That’s over 50 million potential consumers for your brand.

The Fans

With 52 percent of US adults identifying themselves as NCAA Football fans, College Football is a legitimate vehicle to create intimate relationships with your audience. And with the NCAA adding more bowl games every year, its core fan base continues to grow. When you consider what a broad demographic this represents, your target market is likely to be a part of it.

On Tailgating

Thousands of fans show up hours before kickoff to eat, drink, and play before the game. The SEC alone averaged over 75,000 ticket holders per game last year. Among all the noise, banners, and free foam footballs, how do you make sure your brand stands out? One way is to create a branded and interactive space for fans to play games, lounge, and watch the pre-game activities. The Hyundai Field House did just that, traveling to over 26 college football games across America showcasing their newest models and creating lasting relationships. In recent years many fans have asked for a more upscale tailgate experience. One with air conditioning, gourmet food, and a place to watch the game. Some of the patrons of these experiences never even set foot inside of the stadium, opting instead to experience the college football environment with friends in a climate-controlled space outside of the stadium walls. The Vizio BCS National Championship game and Rose Bowl game – each with over 94,000 attendees – was host to the IMG PlayMaker’s Club, a VIP Hospitality lounge that elevated the tailgate experience. As the first tailgating experience of its kind, fans were astounded. And you can be rest assured that you’ll be seeing more spaces like the PlayMaker’s Club in the coming season. The bottom line is that College Football is essential when looking to create relationships with consumers. Give us a call, and let us help you create amazing experiences that translate to loyal consumers.