What Experiential Marketers Can Learn From The Cronut


Today is National Donut Day, and why not celebrate the donut? Simplistic in design, yet full of flavor. But just like every great idea before it, there will always be some new, inventive twist to follow. An even newer concept looking to change perceptions and influence behavior.

Getting a bit dramatic for donuts? Maybe, but consider this. In 2013 a croissant/donut hybrid dubbed the Cronut was introduced by a New York City bakery. The sweet & flaky treat spawned lines around the block, a spot on Time’s Greatest Inventions of 2013, and a Cronut black market. In short, the general public lost its mind (resisting urge to use ‘went cronuts’ pun).

But, why? People love the donut! It’s safe, it’s traditional, it’s what we know, why change something that works?

People are drawn to change, it’s one of the few inevitable things in life, and seeing a transformation moves people. It’s new, it’s unknown. A change in scenery gets people excited.

A disruption in the norm is stirring and we at Boxman Studios are feverishly stirring the pot to encourage new and exciting brand experiences that transform. People are drawn to change, whether it’s experiencing a new take on their favorite snack, or watching an ordinary shipping container transform into an awesome party thrown by their favorite brand.

And while the cronut may have taken the internet by storm, like most crazes it was quickly forgotten. Why? Because people – especially your audience – is always looking for something new. It’s why we build all of our environments with the ability to be easily modified into an entirely different design.

Your audience is being bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day, which can make it difficult for any brand to stay top of mind. That’s why it’s so important to continually create new experiences to engage with your audience on an emotional level.

Stand out from the crowd and give your audience an experience that they can’t forget.