Watch us Build a Shipping Container Tower


Tribridge Residential is grabbing up space in the Charlotte Market. But they aren’t just packing in multifamily housing. They’re working hard to ensure that each new development fosters community, adds value to the area, and reflects the unique aesthetic of each neighborhood. One of their four recently acquired properties sits at the heart of Charlotte’s quirky entertainment districts, Plaza Midwood. The development, One305 Central is a residential and retail property with 281 apartments and a 10,000 square foot shopping center that will house local businesses including Pilot Brewing and Mediterranean restaurant, Yafo.

While this neighborhood is ripe for growth, historically it’s been resistant to development, particularly when the new construction doesn’t speak to the neighborhood’s character. Seriously… Plaza Midwood biker bar, Thirsty Beaver stayed put even as high-rise apartments were constructed around the single-story watering hole. So, it was very important to Tribridge, and their partner Shopping Center Group to provide visual elements that integrate well into the community’s aesthetic and make it easy for the community to embrace this new phase of development.


Thirsty Beaver Plaza Midwood


To help Tribridge and SCG achieve these goals, Boxman Studios worked with them to develop a concept for an architectural feature that would speak to Plaza Midwood’s eccentric personality and eclectic atmosphere. The feature, a 40’ tower constructed from repurposed shipping containers, highlight the importance of reuse and adaptation of available resources. It will also be home to an original mural created by a local artist and act as a landmark for the bustling district.

As a result of this collaboration, Plaza Midwood has a way-finding feature that dually sets the stage for an engaging experience in One305’s retail development and provides the neighborhood with a piece of community art that will be cherished and shared amongst its members.

The video below shows Boxman erecting the structure this summer. We’ll keep you updated as the mural is added, and the retail space opens for business.


About The Shopping Center Group

Since 1984, The Shopping Center Group’s retail-only real estate platform has provided a full assortment of advisory services to tenants, landlords, developers, investors and financial institutions throughout their territory. Our work on their client’s behalf is dedicated to the validation of those descriptions. With 20 offices from New York to Southern California, SCG is the largest firm in its field in the United States.

About Tribridge Residential

TriBridge Residential is a full-service multifamily investment, management, and development company based in Atlanta, GA, with approximately 8,000 units and $1.3 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2017. With 60 corporate professionals and over 215 on-site staff, the firm focuses on markets in the Southeast and provides a vertically integrated platform with a 25+ year track record through its subsidiaries and affiliates.

About One305 Central

One305 Central is a brand new, modern apartment community with high-end amenities, convenient features, and a fantastic walkable location in the trendy Plaza Midwood neighborhood. Located east of Uptown, residents enjoy easy walkable access to many convenient locations both in and near their own buildings. Just a few minutes away from our Plaza Midwood Apartments are grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and more.