Trade-Up Trade Shows


We just returned from SGIA 2017 with our awesome client, Piedmont Plastics! While the trade show was a hit and we walked away with new connections and stellar ideas, we couldn’t help but notice the divided feelings in the room. On one side you have the sales team, freshly flown in from their respective homes to spend a few days schmoozing, networking, and (duh.) selling. Then there’s the other half of the room; the marketing managers. They’ve already been in New Orleans for a week. They’re tired. Their feet hurt. And once the show is over, they stick around filling up empties while their sales team sips on airplane bottles waiting in a terminal.

The moral of the story is; trade shows are a necessary evil. They require months of planning, weeks of execution, and months of follow-up. But what if it could be a little easier? What if marketers didn’t have to spend long hours, often into the night, to pack up every tiny element before forklifts drag everything back to the trucks?

That’s where containers take the cake. Using these turnkey, modular structures as the foundation for your display adds structure to the chaos. Your display can store your materials during transport, is easy to set up and sure to impress potential customers with an unforgettable brand immersion experience.

Fast, Convenient setup and break down.

There’s a reason they call it a “break down.” Everyone is about to lose their minds. Our booths take 25% of the time to set up and strike. At SGIA, a handful of people packed up Piedmont Plastic’s entire display in a couple of hours. Nothing compared to the frenzied disorder exploding from surrounding booths. And, our full-service logistics team supports you through the activation and break down, meaning you get your desperately needed nap that much sooner!

Visually Striking, Unforgettable Presence

Unless you’re attending a trade show for trade show professionals, chances are when you walk the floor, you’re seeing a lot of the same. Same materials. Same kinds of images. Same colors. Same booths. Think about your last event. Did your booth stand out, or did it blend in with the room’s established motif? Assuming you answered the latter, how would your experience and ROI have changed if your both drew people in? What if they couldn’t help but check out your space? After all, isn’t that what you’re there to do? Get people excited about your company and brand!

Value, Where you Save $$

Most conference centers and venues charge for storage. And by the looks of their pricing, they’re proud of that warehouse. Rates can run by square foot, per hour, and add a hefty sum onto your total costs. If the venue determines drayage by weight, you’ll be finding your value somewhere else. But in most cases, our containers help ease some of those hard-to-swallow fees including carpeting and labor. Not to mention reduced T&E costs, since your team doesn’t have to arrive early, or stick around for days after the show has closed.

During a trade show, exhibitors need to be able to focus their energy on networking and starting meaningful conversations with potential clients. The mobility, simplicity, and design of shipping container tradeshow booths help you to streamline the entire process.


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