The Significance of Branded Environments


Your brand the unique combination of symbols, messaging, and user experience designed to evoke specific emotions and perceptions. They have been used for centuries, dating back to the ancient Romans who would stamp emblems into stone. Over the years, they have evolved to add value, enable choices, and inspire positive emotions about a firm. So, it’s easy to see how significant these considerations are for your business.

A developed brand experience is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. It has the potential to create enduring and influential impressions on your audience. Think McDonald’s, for example. To this day, it’s still one of the most recognizable brands in advertising history. The golden arches not only symbolize simplicity and friendliness, but also elegance and dominance as well. Even their red and yellow color scheme is meant to represent optimism, health, happiness, and vigor.

The arches are strongly associated with positive emotions, and as a result the logo has become iconic in representing the entirety of the Mcdonald’s brand. After all, they call it a happy meal for a reason.

Obviously, not everyone can be fast-food giants, but we can still learn from Mcdonald’s by creating branded environments that are memorable and capture emotions. Brands matter because it differentiates you from your competition. No matter if it’s a retail store, restaurant, trade show display, or local office, branded environments combine architecture, design, and technology to create a holistic user experience.

This ‘experience’ begins the moment a guest arrives. Take Boxman Studios’ own headquarters for example. We worked to create a space that reflects our core mission and company values.

From our fantastical mural painting to the hand-crafted decorative pieces, every element helps immerse our employees, customers and guests into the Boxman culture. By creating a memorable branded space, you’ll find it easier to promote your products and services, and most importantly, communicate your company story. Discover the remarkable experiences you can create today.