Striking a Balance with Events and Social Media


We can’t deny the importance of social media, especially when paired with experiential marketing. Thanks to larger audiences, meaningful connections, and real-time data, we have a deeper understanding of what it takes to pull off a successful event. On the other hand, these might not be enough. An absurd amount of content gets uploaded online each day, which is what makes attention more valuable than ever before.


The good news is that experiential marketing can serve as a solution to help brands stand out from the crowd. This strategy is so effective because of its focus on providing audiences with experiences that (hopefully) become associated with a given brand. The results speak for themselves. Studies show attendees develop a stronger connection with a brand and feel more inclined to purchase a product after an activation. But experiential marketers shouldn’t rest on their laurels. Social media helps maximize an event’s reach, but it doesn’t make the experience better for guests.


Let’s be clear, social initiatives shouldn’t be the focus of your event. Social media should supplement your programming, not dominate it. Instead of using the platforms for the sake of their popularity, consider how each one can enhance the experience. Regardless of which channels you decide to use, growing brand awareness, developing brand affinity, or inspiring customer-created content are several strategies you can implement to evolve your event’s social media engagement.


The ultimate goal is to make your audience become part of your story. That happens when you seamlessly incorporate social media into your event. In other words, people should want to post rather than feel obligated to. Signage with hashtags or brand ambassadors that encourage people to post only serve as reminders. At the end of the day, the feeling your event evokes is what ultimately determines if your audience wants to talk about it online.


Here at Boxman Studios, we strive to create remarkable experiences. What does that mean? As mentioned earlier, part of what makes an activation unique is that it creates a feeling or emotion that attendees will associate with the brand. If you’re looking for a way to stand out, you may reach us through our contact form below!