Partner Spotlight: Smith Environmental


At Boxman Studios we take great care in procuring the highest quality decommissioned shipping containers. However, not every container that enters our building is flawless. Containers can be contaminated by odors, allergens, and even mold. Thanks to Daniel Smith, the owner of Smith Environmental Solutions, we have a remedy to this challenge.

Daniel is a local Charlottean whose objective for the last seven years is to improve the health and wellness of people by improving their air quality. Smith Environmental uses a process that includes an initial air assessment and a test for mold, and then offers specific products as solutions to these findings. The difference between Daniel’s company and his competition is how he educates his customers. The dangers of insufficient air quality can be critically damaging to a person’s health – most people have no idea of how damaging. Smith Environmental solves the immediate problem and also educates people on how to avoid those problems in the future.

Here at Boxman we are using their FreshAir Surround solution which is basically a filter that uses a nature-based process, including high intensity UV bulb and thousands of ions and particles, to eliminate odors. The result is a healthy air quality environment for everyone who interacts with our shipping container environments.

The level of care that goes into how we select our raw containers, along with the prep that goes into making sure they’re safe, is something we don’t expect you to ever think about. But now that you’re an educated consumer, you’ll be better off for it. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Smith Environmental Solutions.