Participation: The Next Level of Experiential Marketing


In 2014, the goal for experiential marketing campaigns is to influence brand experiences from driveway to driveway. How do you get more involved with audiences outside the stadium, before the three hour event, or after the two-hour game? As the demands on our wallets and our time continue to grow, brands today are seeking out solutions to create total immersive experiences that encourage their audience to spend the extra time and money associated with attending an event.

Experience is In Participation

With the advent of HGTV, ESPN, and the multitude of viewing options for virtually any event or activity, people can catch the game or watch their favorite performers from the comfort of own living rooms. That said, nothing replaces actual participation.

Participation is where the memories take hold, and where your audience will feel, viscerally, what an event is all about. The question for brands is then, how to get the audience off the couch and into the experience where they can become participants?

We understand that brands need to engage audiences from “driveway to driveway,” not just during the actual game, concert, or major event. Our products help attract and engage audiences by building communities outside of the primary venue.

Hyundai Field House: Don’t Just Watch the Big Game – Participate

Last college football season, we teamed up with Hyundai to help them extended the game day experience beyond the game itself. The result was the Hyundai Field House – a national activation crafted from customized shipping containers. The tour crisscrossed the country visiting 25 different stadiums with an interactive tailgate experience.

Fans participated in pre-game festivities in comfortable lounges with Wi-Fi access, high-definition screens, and – most importantly – interaction with other fans, their teams, and the Hyundai brand.
In five or ten years these fans won’t remember the score of the game, especially if their team lost, but they will remember the experience. It wasn’t just a game: it was participating in a community.

Experience and ROI

Title sponsors want experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of major events. They want their money’s worth, and then some. However, ROI is just as important to smaller entities that don’t have the means to be title sponsors. Boxman Studios is expanding the opportunity for a range of brands to capitalize on events where their audience congregates.

Our goal is to ensure that expenses are justifiable for brands while providing as much return on investment as possible. One way we do this is by creating experiences that redefine the “start” and “end” points of an event in terms of how brands interact with audiences.

By focusing on creating interactive communities around an event, you capture your audience’s attention and achieve a positive ROI beyond the event itself. Boxman Studios helps brands take engagement to the next level. And then some.