One-of-a-kind Mobile Performance Stage w/ UNC Charlotte


Since 2009, we’ve created a lot of really amazing experiences here at Boxman Studios. But the core principle has always been the same: To connect brands with their audiences in their community. We’re now applying that principle to our own community with a one-of-a-kind mobile performance stage that will use arts and culture to connect Charlotte residents as part of UNC Charlotte’s Mobile Arts and Community Experience.

Dubbed “MAX”, the Mobile Arts and Community Experience will enliven parks, neighborhoods, festivals and other events with arts and activities that reflect Charlotte’s diverse population. The environment will also act as a community gathering space accommodating everything from neighborhood association meetings to educational displays.

The function of the space required some clever engineering and design from our team in order to truly make it a dual-function structure. Definitely one of the most unique builds to date, with MAX we had the opportunity to utilize new techniques and materials throughout the build. Starting with a purpose-built 20’ high cube container, two fold-down walls were created that morph the environment from performance stage to meeting space depending on which side was opened.
*Watch the video to learn more about the MAX initiative, and the dual purpose design.

The office area is framed by the stage wall and large transparent bi-fold walls that open out to an 8’ x 20’ raised ‘porch’ during community meetings. For performances, the 8’ x 20’ stage wall folds down, while the ‘porch’ is closed, and an additional 8’ x 16’ of decking is added along with rock-n-roll trussing.

The environment lives on a 3’ tall custom-built trailer for easy transport as MAX will be traveling throughout the community. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the build is the engineering taken to adapt these spaces for acrobatic performances. Besides the custom-built spring floor for performers, the 24’ high trussing is engineered for aerials, parkour, and other daredevil stunts. The roof is engineered in such a way that it effectively turns MAX into larger-than-life jungle gym for performers.

Mobile Performance Stage, Boxman Studios, UNCC

Community Space

Mobile Performance Stage, Boxman Studios, UNCC

Performance Stage

“We incorporate various interactive elements throughout all the environments we build,” says CEO David Campbell, “but this time the environment itself is the interaction point. It’s amazing to see how these performers move about our structure. Considering that we are headquartered in Charlotte, and employ UNC Charlotte alumni, we’re especially proud to have such a positive impact within our own community.”

We had a blast working with UNC Charlotte to create this unique and impactful experience, and are  grateful to the Knight Foundation for funding the project.