Next-Level Public Relations


Gone are the days of boring press conferences and in-your-face PR stunts. Pop-up events are taking their place and achieving the experiential element that was missing from other avenues. Here are a couple of tips for embracing a PR pop-up event.

Be intentional with your invites

In the midst of planning for your big announcement or product launch, keep in mind your audience. If you’re launching the rebrand of a clothing line, for example, it may be worthwhile to invite local fashion bloggers or industry influencers. By allowing them to be fully immersed in your event, they become familiar with your product and can reach their own large following of people via social media, sharing your goodness. While you’re at it, go ahead and keep a toe dipped into the traditional waters and invite a journalist or two. This will give you a well-rounded presence in print and in digital forms.

Stay authentic

The idea of moving away from the “stunt” world to the authentic world can be daunting. There is some vulnerability that has to be present to make that transition. Your job is to add value for your clients/customers without being confusing. So, if you meet at the corner of Logical St. and Fun St., you’ll be in great shape for a successful, organic experience. If you can be transparent with your guests at your event, and open their eyes to the “why” behind your initiative, they’re sure to be, at the very least, intrigued to learn more.

Centering your product launch or major announcement around an event can prove to be just as impactful as, if not more than, a traditional press release. It’s a great opportunity to communicate your brand and philosophy, just in a new way.