New Year – New Plan


In the past, Event Marketing was all about how far big brands would be willing to go to have the most impact and touch the most people. But 2012 will be the beginning of an era when brands seek to be more nimble with multiple touch-points. Instead of one massive display or one major sponsorship, brands today are looking to do smaller attractions and spread them around venues and events as well as doing smaller monetary sponsorships but in higher frequency around a region or demographic that they are targeting.

Getting a consumer to actually engage a product with their senses is far easier in an intimate setting as compared with the gargantuan branded behemoths of the past. Event displays that actually do more to intimidate, than engage. Brands today are learning that when they encourage the consumer or partner to feel at home, to feel more comfortable and welcome within an environment, they are more likely to interact with the product.

Touching your demographic, and having the most impact with them no longer means building the biggest mouse trap.  It means thinking differently with smaller, more mobile pieces that mesh with the flow of an event.

For more information on how Boxman Studios can help you make the most of your next event, contact Josh Wells the Director of our Events Division.